Wednesday, 4 December 2013


In life, what make us happy are those things which we simply treasure, what impress us are those things unexpected....  

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It was a tiring evening after work.  I was sitting in the sofa and waiting for my son to come home.  When he was back, we had our simple dinner as usual.  “Dear, is your job demanding?” I started an uninteresting conversation as I sort of felt stressful at work lately.  “Extremely indeed,” he replied without a second thought.  “Well, in that case why not let’s take a break and go for a short trip,” I suggested something just to ease my own feeling....

Anyway, the next day, my son came home early and showed me some travel materials.  “Mom, select a place you like to go, my treat.  I have already applied annual leave and would be free in the last week of November,” he said,  his offer was totally unexpected to me!  “Wow, that is cool,” I felt very surprised and picked Beijing as Beijing gave me a lot of unforgettable memories before.

Right on the following day, my good friend BC called me from Seoul, “How is life?” he asked.  “I shall travel to Beijing with my son on the weekend,” I replied.  “What a coincidence, I shall also go to Beijing on the weekend, how long will you stay there? Let’s meet up...,” he said.  I could hear he felt very happy from the other end of the line.  “OK, let’s meet up across the sky there....” I promised him....

So, I was in Beijing on the last week of November.  As soon as I arrived at the airport on the weekend, I received a SMS from BC telling me to call him after I settled in.  Anyway, I went for some sightseeing with my son, we took many pictures; we had an early dinner in a local restaurant.  Then, I told my son I needed to meet my friend at Wong Fu Cheng and asked him to explore the Food Street.

Yes, at Wong Fu Cheng, there at the shop front of Wong Fu Cheng book store, BC was waiting for me.  When we saw each other in such a cold night in Beijing, a sort of devaju feeling surged in my heart.  BC took me to a nice restaurant; hence I had my second supper on my first night in Beijing.  After the dinner, we walked along XX Road to the World Trade Centre, the Christmas decoration lights were glittering in the trees along two sides of the road.  The sky was clear, the air was cold, the night was quiet, we walked hand-in-hand and talked heart-to heart .... 

“This Beijing trip is unexpected to me;  your existence in my life is also unexpected to me.  At our age, it is not easy to...
“Yes, it is really not easy....”
“So, you should treasure me to your best.”
“What should I do to show I treasure you?”
“Do it your way, not mine, just do it your way will be fine....”
“You are really a good woman...”
A remarkable conversation is we know when we stop.
Silent is golden.
Yes, I was silent, we were both silent....    
The Beijing night was simply beautiful...

When the night was still young, BC took a taxi and sent me to my hotel near the airport.  His hotel was in down town, it meant he needed to travel by taxi for more than 1.5 hours in such a freezing night to ensure that I would be safe.  I was impressed......

As I unlocked the door of the hotel room, I saw my son was sleeping like a baby.  Yes, out of the blue, this baby brought me to Beijing and gave me a very pleasant vacation.  More unexpectedly, BC and I met there across the sky.....

Yes, in life, there are lots of things unexpected, big or small.  If we can treasure every little thing around us, then our life can be filled with many happy memories.  

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Combat Loneliness

What do you do when you are alone at home?  What do you do when you live by yourself and have to face an empty house every night?

I always think being alone and lonely is two different feelings.  I remember when I was young, a good friend of mine told me she was not alone but she was lonely.  In looking back, I think it was only a sort of teenager blue.  We did not really know what loneliness was about back then.

However, as I grew elder, I figured loneliness is a feeling that no one cares about us, no one extends a helping hand to us when we feel vulnerable or need advice.  Hence, I always offer my listening ears when my friends want to pour their feelings, or lend them my shoulders when they want to lend on and cry.  I have also learned to be strong and the art of “follow the flow”.  I know the importance of accepting ourselves and content with ourselves.

Few months ago, I started an assignment for a client who she has many different businesses.  She is very rich and spends a lot of money on making herself pretty and happy, she even pays some of her consultants unreasonably more than what they are entitled to so as to make them like her and will not leave her.  She always talks on phone no matter she is in office, at home or insider a car, she just cannot let herself quiet down or be alone.  She is very hard working and busy, may be, but to my eyes, she is just lonely.

Yes, loneliness consumes our souls but I do not buy the idea of consuming our minds and monies to buying people to accompany us.  If it can ever bring a moment of comfort, it will not be long term.  I think what one should do to combat loneliness is to fill our hearts with peace, notwithstanding if we are alone or not.

Yes, the ones who will not leave us and grow old with us are simply ourselves!     

Sunday, 15 September 2013

What If...

The development of internet and smart phone has changed people’s life.  Yes, very substantially indeed!

For those who crave for knowledge, they can learn a lot of new things from the free searching engine.  Now that people can send and reply emails anywhere anytime via a smart phone.  Moreover, people can even see and talk with each other on Skype and other similar platforms. 

Talking about these cyber things, I am a newbie in this platform.  I still do not understand most of the functions, in fact I feel rather frustrated as I am lost in trying this and that but in vain to do what I wanna do.  I am afraid I have to admit that I am a slower learner.

Most of my friends are very into Facebook, however, Facebook is not my cup of tea.  I prefer blogging for a reason I do not really know.  Perhaps here in Blogger, I can write more freely, deeply, sentimentally when something hits my feelings, when I feel emotional, when I want to save my memory for the future me to ponder upon.

Right at this moment, I wonder what if the clock goes backwards for 20 years. What if there is no internet?  What would we do if we were 20 years younger?  Would we choose another path for the journey that we have walked through?!

Ah, Interesting!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

C'est la vie

For all my life, I hate changes!

However, in this fast pace internet age, many often we are forced to change by the situation, by the environment or by the people around us......

As a very powerless human being, I believe the best way to live life peacefully is to follow the flow.  I also believe that fate will naturally unfold itself to the best for us all.

C'est la vie!