Saturday, 1 February 2014

No Goal, No Plan

Hasn’t time flown?  While I still have not made any New Year goal for 2013, it is 2014 already and here comes the CNY.

Last December, I planned quite some activities for Christmas and the New Year, but all my plans were upset by a stubborn flu which lasted for more than five weeks.  I had to bed rest for many days and tried at least seven different medicines.  During that period, I could not help but feeling a sort of depression fighting with the virus.  Poor me!   

Anyway, what I can see from this ‘experience’ is that a plan is only a plan and health is utmost important, that including both physical and emotional health.  In embracing the New Year of the Horse, I remind myself I should not exhaust my energy at work but need to exercise more; emotional-wise, I hope I can keep myself peaceful though there is stress everywhere, everyday...

No, no goal, no plan!  I just hope that the New Year of the Horse will bring peace and joy to all people I know.